New Features with UDM 2.3

 Explorer Interface

Support has been added to the GUI to enable web style navigation via an Integrated Explorer Interface.

  • ZFS Mounted Files can easily be explored by drilling down into the folders and files making up the ZFS Aggregate.
  • Storage groups can be explored by drilling down to easily identify the Volumes and Datasets with the Storage Groups.
  • Catalogs can be explored by drilling down to the Alias and Dataset entries associated to the Catalogs.


z/OS Volume Initialization Wizard

The cumbersome task of volume initialization is now simplified and ensures:

  • Verification to ensure nothing is on the volumes, and the volumes are offline for all systems.
  • Volsers names are automatically generated based on user input criteria, and it also ensures Source and Target name conflicts do not occur.


Object Automation

Automation support has been extended to allow Storage Group and Catalog rule-based events such as Email notification or the submitting of JCL when a condition occurs.


Reporting Additions

Multiple reporting enhancements have been added:

  • IBM – reporting on Tape libraries, Tape volumes and Tape Units
  • FDR – reporting on volume options, volume backups and ABR backups
  • EMC DLM – reporting on space, virtual volumes and virtual devices
  • TLMS – reporting on volumes, datasets
  • HSM Audits- reporting on BCDS, MCDS and OCDS issues
  • Space Groups – reporting on usage by user specified application groups including Online, Archive, Backup and Tape Space usage.


JES3 Support

Support has been added for JES3.


Sysplex-wide Passwords

Support has been added for Sysplex-wide passwords, allowing Users to assign a Global RACF Userid per Sysplex.


Message Reply ID Variables

Support has been added to allow users the ability to automate the reply to WTOR messages.


Automation History Records

Enhancements have been made allowing users to view previous messages which have been trapped, as well as schedule run times.