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General Data/DASD/Storage Environment

z/OS Version:
Options (check all that are utilized):
Number of Sysplexes:
Everything shared within a Sysplex (i.e. DFSMS, DFSMShsm, DASD, Catalogs):
DASD Size (TB):
Data Management (check all that are used):
DFSMS used to manage data placement and mgmt criteria:
DASD Systems (check all that are used):
Current z/OS storage management tools:
Specific storage mgmt requirements or problem areas:

Catalog Management

Average number of catalogs on a system:
Catalogs and/or data sets still utilize IMBED and/or REPLICATE:
Current catalog management, backup, MERGECAT tools:
Catalog diagnostics are performed:
Catalog backup frequency:
When was most recent critical catalog failure:
When was most recent non-critical catalog failure:
When was most recent catalog reorganization:
Criteria to determine if BCS reorganization is needed:
Ability to obtain system standalone time for catalog maintenance:
Current system structure:
Utilize a single master catalog:
MLA value:

Tape Management

Tape Catalog:
Tape Robots/Virtual Tape:

HSM Management

CDS size (number or records):
Current HSM management tools:
HSM environment audit frequency:
HSM used for data backup:
Migrated data backed up:
RECYCLE % for backup tapes:
RECYCLE % for Migration tapes:
HSM environment contains (check all that apply):
Number of ML1 volumes:
Number of data sets on ML1 volumes:
Number of ML2 tapes:
Number of data sets on ML2 tapes:
Number of backup tapes:
Number of backup up data sets:
Biggest concerns about the HSM environment:
Most time spent on these tasks when managing HSM:

VSAM Performance Management

Percentage of data set access involving native VSAM:
Use of DB2:
Use of IBM's Batch-LSR product:
VSAM Application Performance Mgmt:
VSAM activity negatively impacts application throughput:
VSAM activity negatively inflates application's resource consumption:
("Shift creep" i.e. 3rd shift creeps into 1st shift because VSAM 
run for son long, especially when re-runs are necessary)
Long running VSAM applications cause "shift creep":
Use of products that intercept IBM's OPEN and CLOSE SVCs:

Security Requirements

Enterprise PC security software utilized:
Systems have internet access:
RSA 2-factor authentication utilized:
Use of Virtual IP Addresses:
Security passphrase support required:

Comments/Special Requests:
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